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Dealers & Distributors
Wires & Flexibles
House Wires PVC/FRLS Single & Multi-Core Flexibles
Finolex, Polycab Z-FLEX, Anchor
  Power & Control Cables Alu. & Copper LTPVC / LTXLPE, UG Cables Finolex, Nicco, KEI, Polycab, Gemscab, Universal, Paragon, Gloster, Torrent
HT XLPE Cables, upto 66 KV
Nicco, Universal, Polycab, Torrent, Gemscab, KEI, Gloster
Signal / Instrumentation
Screened, Teflon, Pair Cables, Triad Cables, Thermo-Couple Compensating Cables
Polycab, Delton, Associated Cables, Gemscab, Technocab
Communication Cables
Jelly Filled, Non-Jelly Filled Cable, LAN Networking Cable - Cat 5 (E), Cat 6
Delton, Finolex, Birla Ericcson, Siechem,Polycab
T.V. Cables RG6, RG11, RG59 Finolex, Anchor, Polycab
Optic Fibre Cable
Finolex / Polycab
Telephone Cables
0.4 MM - 0.5 MM Telephone Cables
Finolex / Polycab, Z-FLEX
Cable Jointing Kits
Heat Shrinkable, Push on type
Raychem RPG, M-Seal, Siechem
Rubber Cable
TRS, Sillicon, Welding, EPR/PCP, EPR/CSP
Unistar, Nicco, Polycab, KEI, Uni-Royal, BMI
Cable Glands, LUGS
Single / Double Compression Flange Type Glands Pin Type / Ring Type/ Fork Type Lugs (Alu/Cu).
Comet, HMI, Hex, Jainson, Prabhat
Control Gears DOL Starters, Star Delta Starters, Contactor Overload Relays Digital Soft Starters L&T
MCB and MCB DB's, Energy Saving Devices
Hager, Standard, Legrand, L&T
Low Tension Switch Gears
Air Circuit Breakers, MCCB's Onload & Offload, Change Over Switches, Digital Protective Relays, Drives and PLC's MPCB's, Electric Panel Boards & Switch Disconnector Fuse
Main Swithches
Single & Double Pole, Double Break,
Cubical type
Standard, L&T, GEM
MPP, APP,Mixed Di-Electric, MDXL
(Extra Low Loss)
Siemens, Chaitanya, Unistar,
Meher (L&T)
Modular, Non Modular
M.K., Legrand, Anchor Northwest, Kolors, Wonder
Light Fittings & Energy Saving
Interior, Industrial, Landscaping, LED's Clean Room Applications
Wipro, M-Lite, Philips, Osram
Flame Proof Fitting
Well Glass Fitting, Tube Light Fixtures
FCG, Baliga, SCG
Meters Energy Meter / Trivector Meter L&T
  Analog Digital Panel Meters, Ammeters, KWH Meters, Watt Meters, Power Factor Meters Rishabh

Multi-Display Meter, Transducers,
Multi meters, Digital Insulation Tester

PVC Pipes & Accessories
1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2 mm thickness
Avonplast, Precision, Polycab
Panel Accessories PVC Cable Ducts Salzer
  Push Buttons, P.B. Starter, Indicators Esbee
  Limit Switch Pneumatic Control
  Rotary Switch & Computerised Switches Salzer
  Timer & Time Switches, Hour Meter G.I.C., Legrand
Protective Relays &  Annunciators
L&T, Minilec
Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans
Domestic & Industrial
Remi, Bajaj, Crompton, Almonard, Usha
Water Heaters
Khaitan, Racold, V-Guard, Venus, Elac
Motors & Pumps
Jet Pumps, Monoblock / Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Pressure Booster Pumps, Sledge Pumps, Industrial Motors
Texmo, Grundfos, Kirloskar
Fancy Lightings
Imported / Indian
Computer Components
Patch Cord, Jack Panel, LAN Cable, I/O Cable,
Optic Fibre Cable
Bus Duct / Raising Mains
Aluminium / Copper
Legrand / L&T

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