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FOMRA Electricals was established almost 4 decades ago by the far-sighted visionary, Shri KANHAIYALALJI FOMRA. Over the years, it has grown by leaps and bounds and enjoys an awesome presence  as a reliable source of high quality electrical equipments of practically every description. Today, FOMRA Electricals represents some of the most prestigious clientele across India.

Today electricity is an inseparable part of everyone's life. The field of Electrical Engineering has grown not only in size but also in sophistication and complexity and as a result, reliability of electric equipment has become a paramount consideration. Quality ensures safety. FOMRA Electricals, with its total and unrelenting dedication to ensuring quality at a reasonable price, is doing yeoman service by ensuring the availability of the latest technology and equipment across India.

Fomra Electricals is an inevitable choice for clients looking for a source for high quality electrical equipment and components. It can be best described by the term 'The Complete Solutions Provider' across the Electrical Domain. The FOMRA Group that comprises of FOMRA Electricals, The SMK Fomra Institute of Technology and Fomra Housing and Infrastructure is a mammoth powerhouse that satisfies important human needs like power, housing and education. This is the best testimonial for the quality and service that's widely associated with the name FOMRA.


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